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Now you cannot go away from internet because it is now part of life. In the most of the counties, you will get internet user and number of the users of the internet has been increasing day by day. This is why, in many small countries has been using internet. All of them are now bound to use internet and it is now necessary thing today. You cannot ignore the demand of using the internet. Social networking sites are another important issue which lets you use internet. Many young people and teenagers use internet. They prefer to use Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi is a method of sharing internet through wireless and now all of the smart devices use Wi-Fi feature which lets user to use wireless internet connection.
You can enable your home and office area Wi-Fi and this why, users can buy a router. The router is a device and by the router a user can spread internet connection and multiple users can use same internet connection together. You can order the router online and setup the device in your home or office for making your area Wi-Fi zone. Now any user can access Wi-Fi connection from your zone under your permission by the tablet PC, smartphone and laptop.
For home use, you should not buy any expensive router or networking devices. For small area, you can invest $30 to $50 and buy a router. You need to use router manual which has come with the device. Cheap or expensive devices come with the router manual and some other papers included. You should read all of those papers as if you will be guided to setup Wi-Fi connection and use secure the Wi-Fi. For accessing the router, you need to use some information and those you will get in the router box.
In the router box, you will get all of those information in the router box and you can retrieve that information from the router manual or from those papers. Those data are setup by manufacturer as default. You need to use those data for configuration the Wi-Fi and setup the device. Primarily, you have to use default IP address, default username and default password for login to the device. Until, you log in to the router, you cannot configure the device. You should read the router manual properly for getting information and setup the connection properly. You should read this article for better understanding all of the process.
You need a browser for login to the router. Any brand browser, you can use for accessing the router control. Now on the browser address bar, you need to use the IP address and when you enter the button from the keyboard, then a login screen will appear if you put everything correctly. You need to confirm that you have use correct IP address if the login screen does not appear in any case. There are many reasons which cannot let users to use the IP address. You have to know all about those to solve the IP address problem.
Different IP addresses use in the different routers and networking devices. But all of those users need to change the IP address when the IP address confliction problem occurs. The IP address confliction problem will be solved by changing the IP address. If the same IP address like is used in many devices in the same network, then you will face the IP address confliction problem. You can solve this problem when you change the IP address. This is very easy to change the IP address and you need to know how to change the IP address.
Now you should check how the router default IP address In this IP address, you will get only numbers and dots. All of the IP addresses (public and private) are formed with numbers and dots are used in the IP address for making partition. You cannot use anything else in the IP address. Because using any other things in the IP address is not permitted. You should not use letter or any other symbol in the IP address. Even you cannot use space in the IP address. The total IP address is useful if you follow rules for forming the IP address.
IP address confliction problem will be solved when you change the default IP address but you have to change the default IP address by the numbers. You have to maintain the IP address formation rules and you cannot change the IP address from beginning parts. You need to change the IP address from end parts. In the place of X of the IP address 192.168.X.X, you can use number from 0 to 255. You cannot use number from out of this number range. You can use any number from the number range. Front side of the IP address keeps the introduction of the IP address class.
You now know how to change the IP address and create a manual IP address. When you set up a manual IP address, then you must save it in the router. You can change the default IP address and username with password. Now if you want to log in to the router, then you need to use the manual IP address, username and password. With all of those things, you will be logged in the router. Now you have to set up Wi-Fi and router. You can use wizard tool for setup Wi-Fi or you can setup all of the settings manually. But if you use wizard tool, then you can quickly setup the Wi-Fi connection and setup internet quick.
It is not necessary to use manual settings until you become an expert. If you want to setup, then there is no better way of saving until you use the wizard tool. You should save the time and you need to use wizard tool. If you are an advanced user, then you can setup Wi-Fi manually. However, you should give security for the Wi-Fi and router. You have to configure those things individually.
All of the routers come with manual and various paper. For starting and doing any work with the router, you should read router manual and other papers for getting quick instruction. This is very easy to follow all of the instruction properly. However, following the instruction will be easier if the users read this article. This article will give the users good guidance to follow instruction properly. But for getting video instruction, users can use YouTube.com site. However, you can start the process of setup setting and configure the device and Wi-Fi.